Welcome to the official website of musician / singer / songwriter Billy Blaze.

Born in Louisiana and living in Texas most of his life, it's no surprise that many have called his music "Texas-style". It's hard to put all of his music into a single genre, probably because he has always loved all kinds of music, but most of his music would fit neatly into folk, Americana, rock, country or blues genres.

If you have not yet listened to any of Billy's songs, have a listen on the audio or video pages and experience the soulful emotion he pours into every song he writes and performs. You can feel the passion of his convictions with every word he sings. Please check out the mp3s and videos and let Billy know what you think.

Billy Blaze has performed around the DFW area for over many years, and has had the pleasure of performing with many fine musicians. He has been written up in several local newspapers as well as The Associated Press for his music works within the Freedom Movement. He played the Nations largest Tea Party event in 2010 at Greenville,SC. for aprox. 10,000 people and was invited back to play the Presidential Debates on May 5th of 2011 where he performed for 5 presidential candidates and a large audience.

His guitar was signed by his favorite candidate Dr. Ron Paul.

Billy has played all over Texas, and the southeastern United States, and usually can be persuaded to travel and share his music. The EP "Under The Covers" is nearly sold out, although you can still purchase your copy here. You can also purchase individual song downloads.

He has written his 2nd CD already and is currently working on his 3rd, as soon as time and money allows he will return to the studio to record the second CD, which will be a blend of solo work and some full band arrangements.

Billy is available for receptions, corporate events, private parties, festivals, concerts, and bar gigs...essentialy anywhere there is a need for great music from a down-to-earth Talent.

Now please, if you still haven't been to any other pages on the site, move along. Nothing left to see here. Check out upcoming events or hop over to Billy's Facebook Page and say hi.