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Billy's Blast from the Past

We found this page while redesigning the website and thought you would appreciate it as much as we did. It's from 2007. All links have been updated to point to pages on the current website. Enjoy! :)

Welcome to the official website of musician / singer / songwriter Billy Blaze.

Born in Louisiana and living in Texas most of his life, it's no surprise that many have called his music "Texas-style". It's hard to put all of his music into a single genre, probably because he has always loved all kinds of music, but most of his music would fit neatly into folk, Americana, rock, country or blues genres.

If you have not yet listened to any of Billy's songs, please hurry over to the music page and experience the soulful emotion he pours into every song he writes and performs. You can feel the passion of his convictions with every word he sings. UPDATE: Video video video! Find videos from the July 4 performance, plus the ever-popular "Open Your Eyes" video on the new Video page.

Billy Blaze has performed around the DFW area for nearly 10 years, and has had the pleasure of performing with many fine musicians. He founded the band Tasty Lixx, which enjoyed some local success, then discovered how much he enjoyed writing and performing his own music, which brought him to where he is now. He has played many guitars, but to date his absolute favorite is the Taylor GS. He claims he is "in love with Taylor guitars". In the picture to the right, you can see the custom trussrod cover with Billy Blaze's symbol, the same one he has signed his works with since age 11. This guitar has rosewood back and sides, a cedar top, and an expression system.

Billy has played from Midland to Madisonville Texas, and usually can be persuaded to travel and share his music. Expect great things from Billy Blaze in 2008, he has already been recognized in the Weatherford Democrat this year. Roy Orbison's son Wesley likes the music so much that he is helping Billy in his persuit of his first record deal. You can expect an EP of some of Billy's music in the Spring and the release of "Under The Covers" later in 08.

Now please, if you still haven't been to any other pages on the site, move along. Nothing left to see here. Stop by Billy Blaze´s Blog - it's new but I am blogging more and more these days. Let me know what you think.

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